"Don't be afraid of perfection- you can never reach it" Salvador Dali

joi, 18 iunie 2009



duminică, 19 aprilie 2009

Dear reader,

I was rlly busy this period...I apologise...all I wnated to say is....Christ is Risen!

May all your wishes come true and may all the health on the planet fall over you!

As I wrote on my blog written in romanian (http://neverland90.wordpress.com/) all we have to do is take care of what we have, health, dear ones and most important after health, our planet!

We shall remember what happened with Jesus, he sacrificed himself for us. We shall take his example and do at least 1% of what he did! Make sacrifices, for us, the one we love etc. It comes from the bottom of our hearts!

Best wishes,


miercuri, 8 aprilie 2009

i'm still alive.

alive...and not only...

today i saw a movie called "across the universe"...after my art theacher(Cata) insisted a lot.

Wow...one great movie....for me...musical...surrealism...crazy ppl...cool songs...deep ideas...simple stuff like strawberries that express more than 1000 metaphores would do united....

Walk on water...

See the big part in small things...

Fight for your feelings, ideas, standards, love...

Mix things...

Be sure you will be amazed by the results!

PS: the movie's director is the same one with movie "Frida"(another fav movie of mine:D)

sâmbătă, 28 martie 2009

Earth Hour

Today is the day.

The day when you can do something for our planet. The day that can change our future.

Once in a year.

One day.

One hour.






TOKty #2

After a comment by Chrismilla, I decided to answer to her...
ChriSmilla spunea...
and yet some universities value personal background over the academic achievements in some cases... Should they do that?"
In a way it is ok that there are universities that think of giving a chance to the ones which have/had a not so happy background...
Let's put it like this: if student 1 from TOKty had bigger grades with a great background and student 2 had almost the same garde as him with a sad background(being abandoned by parents in childhood because he was HIV positive). Imagine what grades would student 2 had had if he had the opportunities that student 1 had. Big huh?
So the conclusion is that it is good that there are universities that apreciate hard working students with big grades and thanks god, there are universities that think outside the box too.

marți, 24 martie 2009


I can't belive it....I just wrote a whole article about my tok discussion about judging people and making decisions based on the background of the person.
I had to choose a student: one with a rich background and big grades and the second one which had a unfortunate childhood being abandoned by parents because he/she was HIV positive and he had grades almost as big as student 1.
I chose student one because justice is blind and we are supposed to judge by merits.
Beside all of this I gave example teste don my skin. I remembered that a few months ago I was supposed to give a test and that in the night before the test when I was supposed tu study, I had a fight with my parents and could not study and the next day I had a bad score.
Who care that I had a problem? You? The eacher? The IB examiner? NO, no one!
sorry dear student number 2 but justice is blind and so am I, life is a game and a jungle, we have to fight to reach our goals.

duminică, 15 martie 2009


This fragrance is the place where all my fragrances are written. it is the place where I just write and don't care if you love me or hate me.
It is the place where I spread my veins and show every road to my character.
My character?
How do you define it?
Character, a word built out of 8 letters and starting with C.
Odd, isn't it?
I was in the bathroom and I was preparing to take a shower and suddenly, while singing something I forgot what, those lyrics came in my mind...not sure if they are lyrics, all I know I kept on singing it.
"And I left in you, What you left in me,
And I left in us, What..." suddenly it stopped and I got stuck.
All I know is that in my mind it sounded good.
If you have the ending of my line or further, please post a comment.